Next exhibition: Flying Out of the Mind Dimension. March 6, 2020. 7:00 pm

Art Brut Project Cuba begins its cycle of exhibitions this year 2020 with the show “Flying out of the mental dimension”, that will be inaugurated on March 6th at 7pm in its usual space, Riera Studio. The exhibition will start six artists. It will be distinguished by the presence of two new artists who have just become part of Art Brut Project Cuba. Their creations, transgressing in full light and superbly original, along with new works in which the remaining four artists have been working over these months, can be appreciated by visitors until the month of June this year.

Drawings and sculptures in which the purity of the genuine prevails will be seen in this show. The authors undergo a journey where imagination and emotional drive are intertwined. The result is the discovery and representation of fantasy worlds and characters, alternative realities and totally unknown societies that are validated from the always-impressive ingenuity of the Art Brut and Outsider Art expressions.